• Case study: ExxonMobil

    In this section, we present a case study about the company ExxonMobil as a representative company of the energy industry by performing an end-to-end process for the ESG news related to ExxonMobil. Firstly, we gathered the data needed for the analysis by developing crawlers that accumulate data into our datasets from alternative sources and company

  • Technology-based solutions for ESG investment outcomes

    When considering ESG investments, portfolio managers look into companies or funds with high ESG ratings. Several companies, including MSCI, S&P, Sustainalytics, CDP, ISS, Bloomberg, and others, provide ESG ratings. However, the consensus level regarding the ratings is relatively low, which makes ESG-focused investments challenging. For example, let’s look at the correlations of ESG Ratings across

  • Responsible Investment

    ESG is an investment approach that explicitly incorporates the environmental, social, and governance factors in investment decisions, keeping an investment portfolio’s long-term return at the forefront. Environmental factors concern the natural world, including using and interacting with renewable and nonrenewable resources. Essential considerations include biodiversity, deforestation, water security, pollution, and climate change. Social factors include